Scribd Audio Spanish launches inaugural podcast

Scribd Audio Spanish launches inaugural podcast

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Scribd Audio Spanish launches inaugural podcast

We’re excited to announce our first, original Spanish-speaking podcast: Lee/Escucha: Un podcast de Scribd is available today.

Informed by the wealth of resources on Scribd, Lee/Escucha discusses how books can help us understand our environment and shape our worldview. Hosted by Elvira Liceaga, a prominent Mexican speaker and writer, the 10-episode season embarks on a journey of understanding timely and relevant topics through the lens of literature. Listening to it will take you on an exploration of thought-provoking, literature-grounded topics with today’s top Spanish-speaking authors and talent.

“With a wide variety of interesting content available on Scribd and access to leading Spanish-speaking authors and talent, we wanted to create a special offering that provides a fresh perspective on some of today's top issues in an effort to further entertain and educate our Mexican community,” said Javier "Baxter" Aceves, Senior Manager of International Content Acquisition at Scribd. “Lee/Escucha offers listeners an opportunity to dive deep into concerns and issues that are top of mind to Mexicans through insightful conversation between Elvira and a number of prestigious Scribd Audio Spanish partners.”

Each episode centers around a key theme – from education and startups to cancer and retirement – with creators of Scribd Audio Spanish titles offering their perspectives. Elvira and guests will share their insights and in-depth knowledge on a particular subject while exploring how their titles offer thematic relevance. Leading authors and talent featured in Season One include Jorge Comensal, Jazmina Barrera, José María de Tavira, and Clyo Mendoza.

The first two episodes of Lee/Escucha were released today, August 9, 2022, with new episodes dropping weekly on Scribd, Spotify, iTunes, and more.

The Scribd Audio Spanish program was first introduced in 2021 with a female-focused series designed to amplify women's voices and perspectives, while increasing the visibility of female authors on Scribd. These authors included prominent “narradoras y ensayistas,” like Rebecca Solnit, Emma Reyes, Nona Fernández, Dolores Reyes, Rebecca Solnit, and Caitlin Moran. In March 2022, Scribd Audio Spanish released its first celebrity-narrated series: Comedia, narrated by actor José María de Tavira and directed by Miguel Santa Rita Sandoval.