Defining the future of work: “Choice” is key

Defining the future of work: Choice is key

In Scribd News by Trip Adler

Defining the future of work: “Choice” is key

One of our core values is that Scribd employees “are writing our story together.” It defines how we hold each other accountable and push one another to do our best work every day.

With this in mind, we set out to write a new chapter that redefines how and where our team works. Our new vision embraces multiple perspectives while leaning into our belief that no matter where each team member is, we trust them to accomplish our shared business goals.

Just as Scribd’s product offering provides an endless selection of content, our new approach to the workplace — Scribd Flex — offers unparalleled choice and flexibility in work styles. Our 350 plus employees across the globe are able to work fully remotely or they can choose to work all or any part of the week from one of our office hubs in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Phoenix, or Amsterdam.

Leaning into choice

After we informed our employees about Scribd Flex, we polled them to see how they prefer to work. The data is clear, and it reinforces the need for flexibility. No style of work was overwhelmingly selected by a majority, and we received no distinct workday preference from those who plan to regularly spend at least some time in the office.

I’m a great example of this desire to spend some time in the office. I’ve been more efficient while working remotely because I don’t have to spend time commuting, and there is efficiency in quickly going from one virtual meeting to the next. But I miss in-person interactions, and I find that in-person meetings are valuable for developing connections with people.

We announced Scribd Flex internally this summer, and we’ve already seen a positive shift across many aspects of our company’s culture. We’ve expanded our talent pool beyond borders to find the best fit, and we now have employees in five countries and 14 U.S. states. It also helped expose our company to a broader selection of more diverse, national, and international talent.

Regardless of location, we also recognize that meaningful and intentional in-person moments with coworkers are critical, regardless of preferred work style. They build culture and connect us personally and professionally. From occasional social gatherings to company-wide summits, we expect teams to find time to meet with each other and other Scribd teams for unique in-person moments to strengthen friendships and work bonds.

I look forward to this next chapter of our workforce evolution, and if Scribd Flex appeals to you, we’re always looking for new “characters with character” to join our team. You can find new opportunities on our Careers page.

Trip Adler, co-founder and CEO of Scribd